Monday, October 28, 2013

Legoland - Johar Baru

A trip to Legoland, just across the border, was long due from our side. After exploring options of bus vs taxi travel, we decided to opt for taxi (drop-off at Kotaraya bus stand) at $55, one way.

It was raining heavily and despite 3 hours wait, we manage to reach safely. The immigration at both Singapore and Malaysian end is pretty neat and quick compared to the airport immigration. The taxi driver often hands over all the passports to the officer at the Immigration check point and transition is smooth.

 After 3 hrs or so we were dropped off and we took a Johar taxi to Renaissance Hotel, costing MYR 30. After resting for sometime we decided to hit the JPO - Johor Premium Outlets. This 2 floor structure houses numerous branded stores - some of them factory outlet too. One word here: don't look for a specific pattern/style of product. Most of them are collections from previous seasons and might not be the current trend. One best part about these outlets are that there are couple of brand outlet exclusively for men!! My better-half was much pleased and even bought a pair of shoes!! (I had to coax him to get one - otherwise he was looking out for stuff for me!!).

A view from the drop-off area

One big shout for all Ladies: Do checkout Fossil, Coach, Tumi outlets. You will not be disappointed!! Yes, ofcourse - there are stuff for kids but then I could hardly find anything from Gap.

After a super-charge breakfast, we took a taxi to Legoland. The drive was smooth and it costed about MYR 75. Sept 7th  - my DS's birthday and we wanted it to be a very special birthday. For quite sometime we had been planning to visit Legoland - but then never happened. And when finally it happened we chose his birthday as D-day!!

Legoland, Malaysia
For more information on visit Legoland

Yes! All things here are made of lego!!

Food: If you wish to buy/eat food outside the entrance of Legoland, the options are plenty. Inside Legoland the options are very limited for a vegetarian.

After loads of fun, we returned to Singapore via SMRT taxi. Surprisingly there was no weekend crowd and we reached home very soon that we anticipated.

Immigration  - Singapore