Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vadu Mangai / Mavadu project - 2

Day 2

Take the dry, washed tender mangoes in a bowl and  add castor oil (I added 3 tablespoon) just enough to form a coating on the mangai and turmeric powder.

Tender mangai dry and ready for the next stage

Adding castor oil and turmeric
Beautiful coating on the tender mangoes
Use your finger and gently toss the tender mangoes so that a coating of oil and turmeric is formed on the skin. Make sure your hands are dry before you handle the tender mangoes.

Leave them aside in the same bowl for about an hour or so.

Bottle them with salt just about to form a coating on the skin of the mangoes.
Salt  - ready for action...

Vadu mangai bottled - let the magic begin!!

I did not have any ceramic jars to bottle these lovely vadu mangai. Instead used a 'Horlicks' plastic bottle. Yes! it did serve the purpose. Make sure that the bottle is completely devoid of any smell or water. You or the vadu mangai will never like any kind of interference apart from the salt on the mangoes..

From now onwards, I plan to give this bottled vadu mangai a gently shake everyday morning after my bath (just like my grandmother) for the magic to begin...