Thursday, February 14, 2013

Book review "The Memory of Water"

My second book "The Memory of Water" was absolutely a treat to read. A slow moving yet very gripping story about two sisters. Alternating narration / peek by characters mixed with emotions, conflicts, fear, water, colour - you can find it all. I simply could not put the book down even though this is not a murder mystery but had all the element into it, woven with emotions and feelings. This is my third book of this author (I have not written about her paranormal romance novel that I had read earlier...) and I loved every word of it.

The story is about two sisters, one dark secret they share. 'Time' forces one of them to move out of home and the same 'time' forces her to come back home. Does she find the comfort of a home, does she want to stay back, does she has to fight with anyone or fight for anything? - these are the question whose answer will be found in the book. 

As always I have enjoyed Karen's book.