Sunday, January 6, 2013

Book Review "The Lost Hours"

Karen White's book "The Lost Hours" is my first from the author.

This book is about a woman, out to discover her grandmother's secrets and in the process healing herself. It starts off with a crisp, first person narration. Within couple of pages, I could discover a little about "wounded" woman, Piper / Earleen and her inner voice (sometimes some humour too!). The author used cleverly italics to indicate that inner voice which made reading easy. Slowly I was drawn to the plot and made it quite difficult not to involve with Helen, Tucker and Lillian.

The alternating first and third person narration, italics for inner voice, beautiful passages, picking the left-out threads from previous chapter and interconnecting with current chapter made it worth to read.  

There are so many beautiful quotes from the author and my favourite is

"It's not always the distance of a trip that determines its value. Sometimes the best trips are only as far as the circumference of your heart".

Did I mention there was sprinkled humour everywhere waiting to be discovered? My favourite one is:

Lucy looked up at her aunt with eyes dark enough to be called black, and always appearing darker still when contrasted against her pale hair. "That is not what mama said. She said bad things happened to good people all the time".

Helen blew out a puff of smoke and put her arm around Sara. "Well then. We'll just have to try very hard not to be too good, then."

Before I knew it, I was pushing Piper to discover the secrets and enjoying the world with Helen's eyes. Towards the end I was more keen than Piper to discover the secrets....

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