Sunday, September 4, 2011

A photo album made from toilet paper rolls

Numerous blogs and picture inspired me to make this photo album from toilet paper rolls. 

I gathered about 7 toilet paper rolls and flattened them. I had to keep them away tucked under my mattress for them to super flat. 

I covered them with these card stock.

You can see the tools that I had used and the card stock with punched holes.

I used a cereal box to create small tags for the photos. The brand tag or the price tag that comes with the clothes make a excellent choice for these things. You just have to retain the holes and cover them with paper and can use them. 

It took me real long time to dress-up my album. I had chosen a plain card stock/paper and did not know how to dress it up. This is how it looked.

This photo album was made to record the first few days of my little one - it was a pleasure to re-visit and re-live those early days..