Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Genting Highland - theme park

Last weekend saw us visiting Genting highland theme park. We decided to take a bus from KL Sentral but found out that all of them were booked till afternoon.

TIP: Prior booking would be good especially if you have children/toddlers accompanying you.

However there are taxis available from KL sentral. We booked a normal taxi – not a premier one, for 90 ringgit till the genting skyway station. The ride was very slow as it was the peak season and all cars seem to be racing towards Genting highlands. Take a look at the toll gate...

After what seemed to be many hours we finally reached the Genting skyway station. We bought a express one-way ticket which costs about 12 ringgit per person. It seem to be a wise decision after seeing a very long queue for the normal fared route.

The ride was very relaxing. You reach the First world hotel lobby after exiting from the cable car. After winding through shops and hotel lobby we finally managed to reach the outdoor theme park entrance. We bought tickets for both outdoor and indoor theme park.

There are about 11 family rides, 7 for children and 10 thrill rides exclusively for adults.

1. Monorail
2. Double deck carousel
3. Tea cup
4. Astro fighter
5. Flying Jumbo
6. Pirate train
7. Boating
8. Antique car
9. Mini train
10. Dinosaurland
11. Matahari

1. Crazy Space lab
2. Rodeo rider
3. Children playpen
4. Busy bugs
5. Circus ride
6. Junior bumper car
7. Rainforest playpen

1. Pirate ship
2. Spinner
3. Cyclone
4. Rolling thunder mine train
5. Sungai rejang flume ride
6. Corkscrew
7. Grand prix fun kart
8. Space shot
9. Bumper boat
10. Flying dragon

Each of these rides has very long queue that the waiting time took nearly an hour or so. We managed barely 3-4 outdoor rides in the span of 5 hours.

TIP: You might need atleast a day or more to cover all the rides. And ofcourse lots and lots of patience during the waiting time.

It was early evening when we took a break for lunch. We had taken cup noodles and managed to get hot water for the same. Thanks to the stalls which sold corn-in-a-cup that we managed to finish our lunch. There are options available for non-vegetarians but for people like me it is really nothing but cup of corn.

TIP: Pack some sandwiches, apples and biscuits and may be even a proper lunch.

The weather till evening was not cold and you could manage with normal outfits. As evening set-in lovely passing clouds filled the place and the sun began to play hide and seek. This was the point from which a bit of warm clothing was needed. Otherwise there was not much a need for warm outfits

It was highly crowded as we entered indoor theme park and needless to say the waiting time for each ride was more than an hour or so. We barely managed 1 ride for sake of visiting the theme park. There are about 6 family rides, 3 children rides and 2 thrill rides

1. Ferris wheel
2. Reindeer cruiser
3. Monorail
4. Venice gondola
5. Rio Float
6. Mini train

1. Carousel
2. Ride De Paris
3. Junior bumper car

1. Euro express
2. Adult bumper car
3. 4D motion master

TIP: Go on separate days to each of these theme park.

There are plenty of eat-outs at indoor theme park and you can grab a bite if you have time. Well...we did not have time and we were tired and decided leave. Since the buses were booked we took a taxi at 100 ringgit to KLCC. The ride back to KL was very smooth and we were at Surai KLCC in about an hour.


  1. Thanks for sharing your trip. Hope you truly enjoy the trip then. Genting has changed alot since then. Go up nad see the difference now

    1. Yes, I must see how Genting looks now. Thanks for your lovely comments!


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