Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thoughts on a rainy afternoon..

Drops of rain falling, soft hum of the air con, sniffing sound of Ted, snoring of G...all this fills my afternoon. A long weekend - nothing specially to do...except to laze around and spend time with loved ones....sounds interesting and cozy...wish it could be like that...often this weekend afternoon sounds are broken by one sharp wailing and then I need to rush even without switching off my console my G. Its amazing that 2 years have passed since his birth - feeding him every hour, changing his nappies, removing his wind - burping after his feed, comforting him to sleep and trying to catch some sleep - all this seem only yesterday's incident but yet is going to be 2 years since we came to Singapore and really time flies...setting up a home, learning how to handle chores of home with a infant, handling finances for the first time and taking decisions for which only you are responsible...all happened for the first time....and we learnt and did it together for which we are proud of...hmm...this does call for a kutti celebrations..imagine spending a rainy afternoon with a big mug of hot drinking chocolate, some music and cozy quilt softly around the legs...hmmm...when was the last time this all happened....these days typically this what happens - it rains, clothes-stand have to brought in...clothes to be sorted, wet clothes to be dried, check out the milk from the fridge and keep it ready for G, clean the room, may be...sort out stuff in kitchen, initial preparation for the dinner....soon one sharp wail and everything stands still....clothes, dishes, kitchen and for me..even the world....soothe Luli back to sleep and lie down next to him listening to his breathing and touching his fingers....BLISS...and I love this feeling even more than the rainy afternoons..

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