Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8

Yes, I have started watching this programme on Discovery Home and Health (SG time 12.30 pm, weekdays). Its fun to watch two sets of multiples growing up and yes! I do get lots of tips from Kate. I must amidst that I am not watching the latest season but nevertheless I am enjoying and I feel that I am also growing along with those kids. (My son is soon going to complete 2 years...I have grown-up with him and enjoyed every moment with him....perhaps this is why I am liking this particular programme...)

I can relate to Kate and trust me I do like the way she run her 'show'. I don't look at it like a reality show. It is a small peek inside their lives. I like the way Kate makes pancakes for kids, the way she teaches her children and handles situations. What I appreciate is that she had not allowed camera inside her room - their space. She is merely using the current state of her life to (encash for the kids sake, ofcourse) her advantage.

Yesterday I happened to read about the couple. Lots of speculation about their marriage - now in a "troubled state". Just hope that they don't separate - atleast for the sake of kids.

Ah, yes, I did like the promos featuring this show on the channel. I really liked this song "Beautiful life" by Fisher the very first time I heard it.

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