Monday, July 28, 2008

Life after luli

Life after luli has become interesting. So very interesting that I have again started to write. Yes, writing, my forgotten passion....


  1. hey im toobah and yep u guessed it im a lil indian myself :P wheni saw that u loved writing i just couldmnt help but comment you . as you knowim living the typical indian lifestyle with the dad not wanting me to be a writier and to be the typically good housewife i was just wondering for soem advice and maybe we could talk one day id really like that

  2. Hey Toobah, thanks for visiting my blog. My two cents: u can be a writer and still be a housewife as your dad wants! Writing has nothing to do with other profession - you can be anything on earth and still be a writer. If you can express what you feel and put down into words - no one can stop you...think about.

    loads of luck,

  3. hey thankyou so much anu uve reaally helped me get back on track with what i want to do in life youve been a great help! anyway i hope you dont mind me asking this but are you indian and how did you make gularb jamin in 20mins thats a world record my mums been cooking for like her whole life and still cant master them
    plz reply

  4. Hi Toobah, I use the instant mixes available and believe does take 20mins....get MTR or gits ready made mix and gulub jamuns can be made....


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